Tuesday, March 14, 2006

reality check, part 2

I want to join the Amazing Race Asia, now that the deadline for applications has been extended till March 31. ^_^ Of course, joining the race would mean that I would have to find a race partner that I have the "best chemistry" with, and after watching the US show for the past seasons the best chemistry couple usually wind up hating each other's guts. Hehe. Then there's the fact that I should have driving skills, which I have (technically). Plus I haven't travelled much so I'll probably be a loser when it comes to booking flights and such.

I do fantasize of becoming one of those annoying teams for the sake of good TV though. LOL! Like the fag-hag duo Aaron and Arianne in Season 3. Or boyfriends Lynn and Alex on Season 7. Then there's the [possible] opportunity of mingling with the Derek/Drew or Rob/Brennan counterparts. WAHAHAHA!

On a more local scenario, I've been joking about auditioning for Pinoy Big Brother. Hmm...

* * *

Survivor: Exile Island's Aras Baskauskas is a hottie. Period.

Ayla Brown didn't make the American Idol finals. Elliott is still running! Whee! So now I'm just concentrating in rooting for Elliott and Mandisa.

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