Monday, March 20, 2006

solo otra vez

Frodo Baggins boarded the boat toward the Grey Heavens. I, on the other hand, went back to the Shire, although these days it feels like I'm still in Mordor battling orcs.

Yup, he's gone. And I'm starting the feel burned out with my job. Makes me want to relieve the days more than a year ago when all I have to worry about is myself and my performance at work. Not to mention the fact that I can still flirt with him because his reports suck and I need the excuse to ask questions anyway.

These days my hair's falling out (literally) with stress. I want to take a vacation leave... oh, wait I did that the other day. Not that I actually enjoyed it. *sigh*

This is my first work day of the week and yet an hour in I wanna go home and crawl back to bed.

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ina said...

aaaaaw :(

gusto mo hug?