Thursday, March 30, 2006

fracking proposals

(a couple of days ago, in Yahoo Messenger)

do you know what epitome is?
me: er... you mean the actual word? yup.
me: hehe
him: no i mean the proper noun
me: ah
me: nope
me: hehe
him: somehow i don't believe you
him: because you're laughing
me: i really don't
me: is that some sort of a club?
him: sort of
me: ooh it's a bathhouse
him: yes
me: googled it. hehe
him: you've been there?
me: no

(a few hours later, on a text message)
him: Hi Do u want to try epitome tonite?

* * *
Congratulations to my sis and her bufra for getting engaged. Aw.

Jamie Bamber as Capt. Lee 'Apollo' AdamaJust finished watching the first season of Battlestar Galactica (the remake, or rather, the "re-imagining") on [pirated] DVD. Love Jamie Bamber (pictured) and Tahmoh Penikett. I wanna buy Season 2. And the prequel miniseries. Love the term frack, by the way, which is equivalent to fuck a century from now. Heehee. And the characters really say that (even in the botched subtitles that is to be expected from Chinese DVD rips):

"Don't frack with me!"
"...fracking with the Vice President..."

How chaste. And to think after the Cylon rebellion only 40,000 people escaped. They should start fracking around to repopulate themselves as they search the 13th colony known as Earth... *insert sci-fi music/William Shatner monologue here*


ina said...

oooooooooooooh. new word(s)! you learn something new today!

celwinster said...

so did you go to the BH? lol you're liberating urself ha. haha