Thursday, April 13, 2006

happy holy week

Funny, I actually used to say that when I was little. I even remember making a greeting card for my eldest sister, who always seem to get a lot of cards and letters at her school, to commemorate the occassion. Hehe. Yuh, I was really into the greeting cards stuff -- at six or seven years old, all I needed was crayons and half a sheet of typewriting paper. For Holy Week, I think a simple brown cross with rays of light did it, with "Happy Holy Week!" (with exclamation point!) on top. Of course being six or seven, I didn't realize that there's nothing to be happy about Holy Week -- Jesus died on the cross after all. Not to mention there's nothing to watch on local TV stations (it defeats the purpose of reflection, according to my religion teachers years later in that Franciscan school). Wait till Easter Sunday to rejoice.

Of course, these days, the greeting may actually be applicable, because ironically I remembered that greeting card on my way to work, where there's free food and videos to watch during the lull periods (a new episode of Prison Break is already available). And yes, the fact that I have work.

Before going to the office I was able to catch the results show of American Idol on cable and almost cussed when Elliott Yamin undeservingly landed in the bottom three again. Ooh, McDonald's is open till 12 midnight tonight. They serve burgers on a supposedly meat-free day. And somewhere in Puerto Gay-lera an orgy is probably reaching its climax (witty pun, don't you think?).

Happy Holy Week!


celwinster said...

if u are into greeting cards before, what are you into nowadays?

PJ said...

these days? er... porn. hehe!