Sunday, January 06, 2008


Tomorrow I'll be going back to work.

Yes, it's seven days overdue. I asked for an extended holiday break after the New Year's so I can have a couple of days resting and sorting out my thoughts (reflection, introspection, whatever). Of course what actually happened was I spent the extra three days sleeping and downloading porn (2GB left on my 160 GB hard disk). As I write this, I have sore throat and fever caused by -- I assume -- overeating leftover chocolates. Anyhoo, I'll try sleeping again later. Otherwise the bosses at work will assume that I am trying to extend my vacation again. Hehe.

(Then again if I try to sleep again I may not be able to sleep later at night. Ugh.)

Before I went on vacation, Eric told me to think things (office things: team structure- and responsibilities-wise) over. Essentially I was asked if I'm up for the challenge, what with the plans being put in place, not to mention the "stragglers" and loose ends from last year's initiatives. Tomorrow I will go back without a clear answer. Sad, but... *shrugs*

On the one hand I feel I AM ready to develop my other skills, having already proven my skills in writing, etc (already daw o). Research and all the "look-ahead" stuff will definitely be challenging... and this is where the "on the other hand" lies: I think I am losing foresight.

Lalim ba? Hehe. Wala lang. I guess I'd like to think of myself as an "in-the-now" person. Of course in the business we're in that's not good. *sigh* Ewan. I say that I am losing "foresight" (and I think I am using the term loosely, if not entirely correctly) because I don't know what to look for, or if I'm (or will be) doing things right. Or because I'm already forecasting doom without actually even trying.

So I spent the three days rolling in bed and sleeping -- which, to be honest, was the longest and most restful sleeps I have since I dunno when. Maybe the "regular" shift doesn't really do me good, or maybe the rollercoaster ride that was the past six months left me spinning. I needed a break. The next 11+ plus months is looming (hellooo, I already have some pending items in my work inbox). Need to recharge before I say "bring it on", right? ;)

* * *

I'm not really onto New Year's resolutions, but seeing as I ballooned during the holidays (fingers crossed I haven't acquired long-term health problems), here are the two things I'll try to do for 2008:
  1. Diet: eat tuna and oatmeal as much as I can. Of course when I say oatmeal it'll be chocolate-flavored for me. At least there's fiber.
  2. Exercise: Go to the gym at least 3 times a week. Ideally MWF, if my schedule -- as in work schedule (9-6 schedule is a myth) -- permits.

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