Thursday, April 03, 2008

this merits a separate post...

...because Frodo's back. At least for the time being. Looks like he's visiting his friends.

Dammit, he still takes my breath away. And for some reason, I don't feel bitter. LOL! (As if I have the right). Like, you know, I was glad to meet him and tease him na mag-date kami... not unlike when Old Faithful showed up and I was ranting to officemates about how I was trying to move on (again, as if I have the right) and he frakking shows his face again? Hehe.

Then again, OF and Frodo were of different species. ;) The former I don't have any form of relationship with (he's just eye candy, pero sheeeeet, so hot!). With the latter, at least we... talked. We were colleagues. I bullied him with his reports. We had a relationship. Even if it's the most basic.

And I think it's an open secret (even to him) that I crush him. HAHAHAHA! And he doesn't mind! I think.

Or maybe because I wasn't trying to get over him?

Meanwhile, there's the FOC Ginger. Plus new additions to the "PN++" list (pwede na, or more!) -- Cubbynation, that guy in the 15th floor... But again, they don't compare.

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