Monday, December 18, 2006

we won!

After several years of being a runner-up (yes, including last year, if y'all remember), our department finally won that darned Christmas Party presentation. Hehe.

Well, technically, this year the competition was by floor -- not department -- so we did get a lot of support from the IS/GISS department. Still, with the 14th floor composed mainly of the Antivirus department, it was no surprise that even our EVP (Papa O, who I danced with later on. ..HAHAHAHA!) declared "AV" department as the winner. ^_^


BTW, I got a lot of feedback from my presentation costume. Hehe. I'll upload some pics later.

Update (2006.12.24): Here's a pic of me -- and my costume -- along with some of the 14th floor dancers. Go Outbreakers. ^_^

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celwinster said...

i so miss our kwentuhan pj. Merry Christmas. im so curious about your costume