Monday, December 12, 2005

'tis the season for okrayan

Christmas party's finally over. Thank goodness my body clock will go back to pseudo-normal again after all those all-nighters I spent practicing for the presentation. Hehe. Not that it paid off (sort of) after placing second -- again. ^_^

At least though, we beat the hell out of that other team/department. Hah! I'm not usually into all these competitive shit, especially with something as juvenile as a Christmas party dance number (okay, I'm lying. HAHAHA!), but hey, it's the time of the year when all are becoming a bit snippy-er and cattier. Let's just blame it on the useless pressure of finding the perfect presents.

Which reminds me that I should start my Christmas shopping ASAP.

Anyway... so yeah, we placed second with a whopping 20-point lead from the third-placer-former-two-time-champion and just one-point shy from nabbing the crown for the best Broadway (or Broadway-inspired) musical. Bittersweet, especially for those who are with the company long enough to know about the not-so-friendly competition between that department and ours. *shrugs* What's more satisfying is the fact that, according to our team-leader-slash-piano-player, a few days before the party, one of them actually said that we should have more props, lest we want to be beaten by the third team (who is usually the underdog when it comes to these chuvas). Admittedly, during that time I wasn't too confident with the way the practices are going so I can't really say "bring it on biatch!" *waves finger* So I just said in our in-between-practice chikahan that it would be so ironic if that third team beat the hell out of them.

Well they did, those usual underdogs. Both our teams did beat them, actually. And while I'm a bit disappointed that we didn't win first place (damn five-point deduction!), I'm pretty sure most of the people who saw our presentation-- live band, live singers, the works -- thought it was the best one. Heler, from Marge's scream of terror to Erika's ad lib "Gregorian" violin solo... who wouldn't?

Oh, and did I mention I was part of the choir? ^_^ And was partly responsible for the jazzy choreography? *gloats*

* * *

Speaking of okrayan, company Christmas parties are always a venue for the usual tigbakan. Harhar! Shame I didn't bring my camera, but can I just say that some people really do think they're pretty when they're not?

Ateng, san ba ang kasal?

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Colleen said...

how about... "ineng... debut mo?!?!" heheheheh!