Monday, December 05, 2005

either y'all hate us or love us

Newsflash: View the teaser trailer for the upcoming X3 movie here.

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For all those who know me well (or even those who read this blog), y'all remember how I always whine that I'll probably die a virgin, right? Well last night, it almost came true.

Okay, I'm exaggerating. But hey, the incident spooked the shit out of me, despite my pseudo-deadma attittude. Anyhoo... here's what happened:

December 4th, around 1:20 am. I stepped off the jeepney I was riding from work. Came home late cos of the darned choir/dance practice -- still for the Christmas party presentation. As I was walking towards the subdivision gate, I noticed three young-ish men loitering near the isawan/car wash, which is also near the aforementioned gate (which was already closed -- including the guard house).

So I was minding my own business as I walked passed them when one of them called me, asking if I live in the subdivision. Huh? I was taken aback, but of course I answered yes -- partly because Miss Manners taught me not to be rude to people, even to strangers (especially if they're asking seemingly harmless questions). For all I know, they will be just asking directions to someone's house where there's an ongoing party or something.

But when the guy asked me where exactly do I live... well that's a different story. I threw them a what-the-fuck look and started to walk away. Thus the adventure began:

Oy, kinakausap pa kita! The same guy called after me. Even though my heart is started to beat faster than normal and my hand is itching to reach for my cellphone in my pocket, I kept my steady walking pace. I live four houses from the gate. I'll be home soon.

Putang ina, bakla ka ata eh! Ano suntukan tayo?! Yes this is the same guy hollering (which, in hindsight, is not really unfortunate looking... what a shame), with his cohorts adding "oy kinakausap ka" blah blah. And I'm still walking. First house down. Three to go.

Putang ina bakla ka. Tumakbo ka na! Di ka tatakbo? The dogs in our street started barking. They started stomping their feet, running in their places -- at least from what I heard. I was still walking and ignoring them, although I was poised to sprint should the footsteps come any closer.
Fortunately, distraction came in the form of a man riding his bike. For a split-second the boys focused their attention on the bike-rider ("oy, san ka pupunta?"), but obviously, the other guy's in a bike. Still, it gave me time to reach the third house... and by the time they started to harass me again, I was turning right in front of our gate.

Now, I would've made a more graceful exit and probably gave them the finger or something, had it not been for the fact that our gate was locked. Argh! Apparently, my mother thought I had work that night... Oh well, in any case, I just rang the doorbell and waited patiently, clearly giving them the sign that says "mga puta this is my house, and even if it's not I'm waking people up".

The three junkies -- I assume they're drunk or high or just plain losers -- lamely apologized (huh??) and walked passed my house, but not clearly going anywhere. As my sister opened the gate I snuck a look toward the direction they went and there they were, probably waiting either for another victim they can harass, or perhaps for me (to see if it's really my house I stopped in front of).

*sigh* Amaaaazing. As I replayed the events I was wondering if I could've done something different: confront them, probably shouted for help (albeit hoarsely, as I don't have any voice left with all that singing), or even harassed them myself *wink wink* *evil grin*. But what else could I do that would not feed their appetite for spooking people off? Anyway, I'm just thankful that I'm quite lucky. And it was a learning experience for me (next time, I should bring pepper spray). What sucked was that it has the makings of a stereotypical hate crime.

Note to homophobic bastards: Gay men know how to bust balls. Hey, we're good at grabbing them in the first place.

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dec92005_853_lgOn the other side of the globe, Ang Lee's Brokeback Mountain is still getting raves despite the "controversy" surrounding the gay-cowboy-movie stigma, as shown in the latest Enterntainment Weekly cover (and even getting an "A" movie review rating). People love this flick cos it's not about gay love per se, but because it's love in general.


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