Saturday, December 03, 2005

divi divas

Yesterday morning, I went shopping in Divisoria with my mum and sis. I didn't want to go in the first place, as by 6:00pm I've got to go to the office for another round of Christmas-party-presentation practices (in fairness, the dance routines are going pretty well, thanks to yours truly... *ehem*) , not to mention the fact that I'll be starting my first night back in the vampire-slash-porn friendly shift. ^_^

Of course, I was lured to go with them because of their promises that we'll be back home after lunch time, and that we'll go shopping for another set of bading shirts. Hehe. Suffice it to say that these promises were broken -- save perhaps the shirts (but they're really not that gay), and I was instead left with blistered feet (not that my feet weren't sore enough cos of the dance practices) and really nagging urge to fall asleep on my office desk that night. Urgh. I don't care how affordable the prices in Divi are... give me SM Megamall any day.

Then there's the issue of shopping with relatives. No fun at all, save perhaps my dear mother who:
  1. almost got left behind by the FX taxi we were riding towards LRT station
  2. does not have any idea how to insert a train ticket to the slot
  3. got too excited to insert the train ticket to the slot (after learning how to do it) that she gave way to the person in front of her, thereby trapping herself in the exit
  4. accidentally locked herself in a public restroom cubicle

Hehe. Not that my sister was any good either. Apparently she was having trouble getting train tickets from the machine. To think she was also laughing at our mum's antics. ^_^ Not that I'm acting superior or anything... it's just that probably we're more functional when we do our own thing. Especially shopping.

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