Wednesday, November 30, 2005

moving up... feeling down

I finally made the move to switch blogs, even after claiming that I'm too lazy to do so. Hehe. ^_^ Hey, it's been almost a month since I last accessed by Friendster blog. So last weekend, after sneaking out the company laptop (yet again), I spent the entire afternoon copying the HTML codes of all 30 my postings for the past 7-8 months and pasting them here. I'm very OC with these things, as I don't want to just jump from one blog host to another with my entries scattered all over the place. That way, should I decide to delete the older one (which I probably won't... my hunky doodles album is still up), my archive is still intact.

Even the timestamps. Hehe. Yeah, I copy-pasted even the timestamps. AMAZING.

* * *

I'm feeling sick today. The "grueling" hours of "practices" (and I put these in quotes) for our department presentation in the upcoming company Christmas party probably took its toll on me already. Then again, who wouldn't be surprised if one, like myself, is expected to perform on one "team" and sort of manage another? Graaa! If I've enough energy I will be lauching yet another tirade about how we should've just stuck with Phantom of the Opera than do something more exhausting, creativity-wise. *whines*

At least I have some creative control with the choreography (well, most of it). I just hope there won't be any more [unwelcome] issues with it. And yeah, I hope we win this year. Otherwise, can we all just resign to the fact that we will always be a mediocre second-placer?

* * *

By the way, Eric and I passed the MCP exams we took last Friday -- his first and my second. *gloats*

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a.o.u.i.e. said...

oist. double yong http:// sa link ng blog ko. hehehe...enable mo din yong word verification thingie dun sa dashboard para hindi magkaroon ng "spam" comments yong mga entries mo.