Tuesday, June 05, 2012

kiss and tell

Writing Challenge, Day 5

Conversation between Bryan and Ryan.

* * *

bi_ologist: So was he big?

bry0625: What?

bi_ologist: In your dream. This Allan person, does he know our sister Dakota Fanning?

bry0625: LOL!
'Ba malay ko noh. Didn't I tell you he was wearing basketball shorts?

bi_ologist: Ah.
Yeah... I forgot about that detail...

bry0625: Because I specifically asked you to forget that I told you about it!

bi_ologist: Ayyy...
Ang labo mo, Neng!
You just gave me a detail I was supposed to forget.

bry0625: Ugh. :-(
Fuck. Shet ka and your questions.

bi_ologist: Does he know our unclie Felix Bakat though?

bry0625: Ryan!

bi_ologist: Mwahahaha! :-P

bry0625: Forget everything!

bi_ologist: Duh!
How can anyone forget something like that?
It's like Xerex!
Wait, may baklaan ba sa Xerex? I forget.
It's like a Blake Harper movie!

bry0625: Who's Blake Harper?

bi_ologist: OMG!
You don't know who Blake Harper is?
He's only, like, the hottest porn star!

bry0625: Hotter than Kurt Young?

bi_ologist: Hm...
Well... next to Kurt Young, I guess...

bry0625: I love Kurt Young!
Speaking of, you still have my VHS. Bring it the next time we meet okay?

bi_ologist: Wow.
Bry, there's this new thing called a VCD?
Kindly research about it okay?

bry0625: Shet ka.

bi_ologist: Shet ka rin.
And you call yourself working for a tech company?
Besides, who needs porn?
Your dream is more jerk-worthy.

bry0625: Ew!

bi_ologist: You should write it down.
I need a hard copy anyway.
Ehem. Hard.

bry0625: Shet ka.

bi_ologist: Fine.
I'll write it down.
Then I'll post it in the Web.

bry0625: Potah ka Ryan...

bi_ologist: Maybe I should post to that Yahoogroup I'm in.

bry0625: Ryan!

bi_ologist has signed out.

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