Monday, June 04, 2012


Writing Challenge, Day 4

Final installment of Bryan's dream sequence. Note: NSFW.

* * *

A sound--was it a growl or a whimper?--escaped from my lips as my left leg instinctively shot out and clamped on to his right thigh. Both my hands suddenly dug inside his soaking wet shorts, still cupping his butt. I thrust my hips forward to rub my erection against his polyester covered one, and tilted my head back to give him more access to my neck and collarbone. Then I let my left hand find its way under his tank top, tracing his spine up.

Allan shuddered at the touch. I tugged at his top and pulled it over his head, undressing him. For a brief second our eyes met. His were dark with, from the looks of it, pure unadulterated lust.

As if on cue, he grabbed me by the shoulders and flipped me around. The movement was so quick that it was my hands that slammed against the glass panels this time. From behind, with his hands still gripping my shoulders, he ran his tongue from my nape down to my tailbone then worked himself back up. A second whimper gurgled out of me as the tingling sensation left by his wet trail left me suddenly shivering.

He pressed his bare chest on my back--our first skin-on-skin contact--as his tongue found its way back to my ear.

He was breathing heavily; I can see his breath clouding the glass panes already foggy with steam from the shower. But at that point there was no room for words from either of us. The steady sound of flowing water was punctuated by grunts, groans, and sounds of knees knocking on glass.

He inched his hips closer to mine, his arousal pulsating. That was the last straw for me. I was ready to explode.

Then my alarm clock went off.

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Tin Lagrimas said...

darn that alarm c(l)ock.