Sunday, June 03, 2012

loaded, part 2

Writing Challenge, Day 3

Onto the steamy stuff. :) Or at least a bit of it. Hehe! It's kinda bitin, but then again, I churned this out in like 30 minutes. NKOTBSB concert tonight! Whee! I have to prepare (my stalking gear).

I noticed several grammatical lapses in my previous posts. LOL. Ah well, no time to edit. Write in white heat and all that.

Mature content ahead. May be offensive to some people (to which I say: WTF man?)

* * *

I pushed Allan back until I was able to see him at arms' length. He was still fully clothed, the water outlining the fine contours of his chest and stomach. He had been working out, judging from the ripples that indicated the beginnings of a six-pack abs.

His basketball shorts did not hide is growing excitement. I laughed in spite of myself: good thing the greens on his shorts were on the sides, and not near the crotch area. And he wasn't wearing any underwear.

I looked further down. He's still wearing his basketball shoes.

"You still have your Air Jordans on," I said, looking up.

He grinned, and then shrugged dismissively. He ran his hand through his damp hair, like he always does when he's talking to me.

"Yeah." He said simply, leaning forward for another kiss.

I pushed him back again. "But you love that pair," I insisted.

"Maybe I love you more."


Whatever protest I was about to say next was silenced by his tongue inside my mouth. But what about your girlfriend, I think that was my semi-conscious conscience was about to say to him. But hey, it's my dream. In this world, she doesn't exist.

I grabbed him by his buttocks and pressed him against me.

He must have gotten caught off guard for a second because he slammed both his hands in the glass panels of the shower door behind me. But that didn't make him miss a beat. His lips let go of my tongue as he proceeded to nibble my ear and my neck.

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