Monday, June 25, 2012

could've been

Writing Challenge, Day 12

So... stuff got in the way of my writing challenge, which included the great firewall of China. ;-) (Seriously, I can't access Blogger when I was there last week. Not an excuse really, but just sayin'...) 

To think I was all rah-rah! at the start of the month. *sigh* Oh well. Let's do thiiisss...

Continuing from the last post...

* * *

bry0625: What happened between us, Ry?

bi_ologist: Wow.
And a good morning to you too.

bry0625: Sorry.

bi_ologist: You haven't spoken to me for days and 'eto ang banat mo?
Oh and FYI, I didn't post your story okay?
And even let's say I did...

bry0625: Which you did...

bi_ologist: Which I did
I changed the names and added some fluff.
And you know what?

bry0625: Ano?

bi_ologist: No one fucking cared whether it was real or not

bry0625: Which it wasn't.

bi_ologist: Which it wasn't.

bry0625: Sorry.

bi_ologist: Ano ba!
Sorry ka ng sorry.
I should be apologizing.

bry0625: Buti naman.

bi_ologist: So...

bry0625: Yeah...

bi_ologist: But...?

bry0625: What happened between us, Ry?

bi_ologist: Oh.
Didn't we just clear that up.

bry0625: I wasn't talking about the story.

bi_ologist: LOL.
'Course you weren't.
I was evading the question while I was thinking of something to say.

bry0625: Wow.
Why am I not surprised?

bi_ologist: So...
What happened?
Nothing happened to begin with.

bry0625: It wasn't nothing to me.
And you knew it.

bi_ologist: Really now?

bry0625: At least I think so.
I call you my pseudo-boyfriend.

bi_ologist: LOL.
I didn't know that.

bry0625: Hehe. :-)
Di ko rin alam.

bi_ologist: Do you have feelings for me Bry?

bry0625: I'm not sure.
Do you? For me that is?

bi_ologist: Yes.

bry0625: Really?

bi_ologist: I love you as a friend, Bry. That's it.
More than that?
Kinda incestuous, don't you think?

bry0625: Bros before hos.

bi_ologist: Exactly.

bry0625: But isn't our goal to make hos out of our bros?

bi_ologist: LOL!
Nice one.

bry0625: That was Perry's question actually.

bi_ologist: I know.

bry0625: You did?

bi_ologist: Jusme Bryan.
You can't make a decent pun, let alone such a wonderfully profound question like that.

bry0625: I think this chat is getting off-topic.

bi_ologist: It is.
Teka. I'll call you.

bry0625: Okay.

bi_ologist: We're talking about love over IM? Really Bry?

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