Tuesday, June 12, 2012

bros and hos, part 4

Writing Challenge, Day 11

Happy Independence Day!

* * *

You've seen how agressive he can be, the voice continued. How he can stare a guy down into submission. Do you see yourself like that?

Another good point--wait. "Hang on a second," I said out loud, to no one in particular, save for the ceiling I was staring as I laid on my bed. I sat up and cross my legs.

"How would I know, crazy voice," I retorted to the tiny voice. I sounded loony myself in doing so but I didn't care.

"How would I know," I repeated, "that I'm not like him? I haven't had the chance to hop beds or stare others down, have I?"

The tiny voice didn't reply. I took the silence to mean that I was correct.

Another question crossed my mind: Do I want to be like him?

I sighed and laid back down again. Probably not.

So is it a good thing, then, that you and Ryan are not alike right now? The voice returned.

I hate it that someone--something--inside my head is making valid-sounding arguments.

New question: Do I like how he has become?

Not really. But maybe he'll change? Maybe the reason he went that sex-crazed path was that I wasn't there to guide him? But I'm not his keeper, am I?

So I guess it goes back to my first question why we didn't work out? Because we were too alike?

And do I still have feelings for him? Did I have feelings for him then to begin with?

This is hard.

I better talk to him.

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