Wednesday, October 05, 2011

maximum overdrive redux

Fun fact: when Honda City was first introduced in 1997, I swore that it was my dream car and I will start saving money for it. It must be because of that catchy jingle/song that played in TVCs and radio stations.

I was in high school then, and I started saving 500 pesos from my weekly allowance. Mother will match what I saved and she'll deposit the cash in a savings account under my name (that was also my first savings account). Then I kinda grew up and got introduced to many different addictions, boyband stalking during my college years being one of them...

It took me more than a decade (and at least three years since I last brought the issue up) but here it is: I finally got myself a car. Whew.

It's not brand new as I had initially hoped, but I think we got a great deal for it: bro-in-law's sister decided to buy herself a new one after nine years, so we purchased it at trade-in value. Not bad, considering what the price range is in the market via a quick Google search. :)

So the next step for me is to re-learn what I learned seven years ago. I did a test drive within our neighborhood and apparently I don't have a sense of road etiquette (that was according to bro-in-law; well, at least that was implied). Good thing the car has automatic transmission. Kinda girly (duh), but clutch-less driving is one less thing to worry about.

Also: how to pay for it?

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