Saturday, September 10, 2011

love? (aka girl talk, part 3)

Writing Challenge, Day 21

Phone conversation between Bryan and Perry. Inspired by the talk with Macky and Tin over lunch.

* * *

"Nagtampo 'ata sa 'kin si Ryan," Bryan confessed to Perry over the phone later that night.

"Eh ba't nga naman kasi ang tanga mo?" Perry demanded.

"Oh so you two already talked about me? Gee, Per, and I thought I was your best friend first."

There was silence on the other end of the line.

"Hello?" Bryan called. No answer.

Great, now I got both my friends pissed off at me, Bryan thought. He was about to hang up when he heard Perry's breathless voice on the other end of the line.

"Hello? Bry? Still there?" She hollered. "Sorry, TL was walking around."

"You're on shift now? I thought you were free to talk?" Bryan asked.

"No biggie," she said dismissively. "Anyway," she continued the conversation as if she was listening all along. "No, Ryan didn't call. He just sent a text message. It said 'Bry date fail. FFS.' Ayun, alam ko na."


"Knowing him, I think he meant 'for fuck's sake'," she answered.

"Why the hell is he inventing new acronyms?" Bryan exploded. "And ano 'to, you two have a secret language now? I should never have introduced you two to each other if I knew you'd gang up on me one day."

"Nyah nyah nyah!" Perry imitated Bryan's whining. "Hay nako Bry, don't be OA. And you're changing the subject. I repeat my question: bakit nga kasi ang tanga mo?"

Bryan exhaled loudly and rolled his eyes.

"I can't hear you if you roll your eyes you know."

Despite his irritation, Bryan smiled. Perry has always been such a psychic. "I told Ryan I wasn't ready," he explained.

"You were afraid you'd fall in love with Barry if you had sex with him, weren't you?" Perry prodded.

"I don't watch that much QAF, Per."

"But the thought did cross your mind, which is why you suddenly backed out." Perry said matter-of-factly.

Her statement gave Bryan pause. She may be psychic, but this was downright scary. He slowly nodded his head.

"I can't hear you if you nod."

Bryan sighed. "Yes, the thought did cross my mind. And if you're going to ask whether I love Barry or not, I don't know the answer."

It was Perry's turn to exhale loudly. "Bry," she gently said his name. "I'm no expert in this relationship thingie--"

"Which is why I'm counting on your objective observation," Bryan interrupted.

"Okay. So my objective opinion is this: ang gulo mo!"

"Huh?" Bryan asked, confused.

"What are you looking for ba? Sex or love?"


"What do you want to focus on first?"

"'Di ba pwede both?"

Perry snorted. "Dear, I don't think it works that way." There was a pause, followed by muffled sounds from Perry's end of the line. "Listen," she said after she came back a couple of minutes later. "I have to go. TL want to talk to me. I think I'm getting fired." She laughed.

Bryan laughed with her. "Isn't that what you've always wanted anyway?" He chuckled.

"Yep," Perry replied. Then her voice grew serious. "Pero Bry," she said. "Please think about this, okay? Prioritze."

"Okay. Thanks Perry."


"Good night."

Bryan hung up his phone, then blankly stared at it as thoughts swam in his head. His conversation with Perry made him more confused.

What do I want? He asked himself.

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