Saturday, September 10, 2011


Writing Challenge, Day 22

Time-out muna from the Bryan story. Instead here's a totally unrelated, slightly NSFW one.

* * *

The lights came on again instantly, and Garrett had to squint his eyes and put his hand in front of his face. After seeing stars and blurry rainbows for a couple of seconds, his sight slowly adjusted and focused. Then he rolled to his side and got out of bed to stretch his legs.

It's been a long day, he said to himself as he scanned the room while he twisted his upper body from side to side. On his left, the lanky young assistant who turned the stage lights on stifled a yawn as he crouched in position by switches near the door that leads to the bathroom. To his front near the foot bed, the cameraman, a short but heavily built guy in his thirties was adjusting the position of the tripod. A small step ladder is set up on Garrett's right, where a portable camera sits at its top.

Amidst the cables and power cords, Garrett found a small empty spot on floor. With nothing else to do before the next take, he laid down and did some crunches, then he flipped over to his stomach to do some push-ups. He knew his muscles would pop out and show their definition after a couple of sets. What better way to spend the waiting time?

He was halfway the fourth push-up set when the director and Garrett's screen partner to re-enter the bedroom. Garrett stood up tried to wipe his hands on the back of his pants, then almost laughed when he remembered he wasn't wearing any.

"Okay, places everyone!" The director, a middle-aged woman with brown hair and black wire-frame glasses, announced as she approached the stepladder. She turned to Garrett. "Sorry to keep you waiting," she apologized as she took off her glasses to wipe them using her green t-shirt. "I just gave the rookie some pointers." She nodded her head to his screen partner, a pale young man now kneeling at the center of the bed, face in deep concentration as he attempt to sustain an erection.

Garrett shrugged. "No worries," he said. "I also needed the rest anyway." He clenched his buttocks for emphasis and winked.

The director laughed. "Always the trooper. Just guide him, okay?" She instructed as climed the stepladder and grabbed the camera. "Jackson?" she called to the pale man. "Time for the money shot, okay?"

Jackson nodded curtly.

Garrett climbed back to bed and laid on his back to face his partner. He spread his legs. "Whenever you're ready," he smiled at his co-star.

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