Thursday, September 08, 2011

versatility (aka guy talk, part 2)

Writing Challenge, Day 20

Chat between Bryan and Ryan after the lunch date. I'm pretty sure there really is no rule for first timers, but really, how do you answer that question on roles? Does age and/or previous experience provide the upper hand? And what if both are first timers (meron pa bang ganun)? Will they flip-flop?

In other news, I stumbled across NPR's 3-minute fiction contest/challenge earlier at work. Maybe I should try joining the 7th round. Perhaps even use the previous challenge rules for some of the stuff I'll write. :-)

* * *

bi_ologist: Potah! Ang tanga mo naman!

bry0625: Wow. Thanks for the support Ry.

bi_ologist: Eh shit ka naman kasi talaga eh!
Fuck, the guy was giving hints for crying out loud!

bry0625: Talagang affected ka eh, no?

bi_ologist: Eh punyeta ka eh.

bry0625: Lech! Kanina ka pa nakakarami ah!
Punyeta ka rin.

bi_ologist: Eh bakit nga kasi you didn't go with him to his hotel?

bry0625: Eeee...

bi_ologist: "Eeee..." what?!

bry0625: Honestly? I wasn't ready. :-(

bi_ologist: You weren't ready?!
Wasn't the whole fucking point of your meetup was to have a fucking fuckfest?

bry0625: Well yun din ang nasa isip ko.
Until I realized that I may have to, well... bottom.

bi_ologist: Well aren't you?

bry0625: Huh?

bi_ologist: Di ba botomesa ka?

bry0625: Eh tanga ka rin pala eh!
Pa'no ko nga malalaman eh I haven't tried anything?

bi_ologist: Eh mas tanga ka lalo.
You always bottom for your first time!

bry0625: Says who?

bi_ologist: Says QAF.

bry0625: Wow. Ang credible naman ng reference mo.

bi_ologist: Eh since you jack-jack to Brian Kinney lang din naman...
I figured that should be credible enough for you. :-P

bry0625: Hmph.
Which episode says this rule?

bi_ologist: Duh. Pilot episode. Then in season two when Justin meets the frat guy.

bry0625: 'Sus. Those were just implied.

bi_ologist: Precisely.
Besides, how else will you pop your cherry?

bry0625: Hm.

bi_ologist: Anyway, so there, you were not prepared to do it with your sugar daddy.
Tanga tanga! >:-/

bry0625: Exagg na yang pagmumura mo ah!
Did you bottom your first time?

bi_ologist: Of course not.

bry0625: Sa lagay mong yan topesa ka pala?

bi_ologist has signed out.

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