Monday, July 13, 2009

maximum overdrive redux

A year ago, I (and the rest of the family) considered buying a new car. Of course, that got pushed in the back burner a bit due to lack of finances (there were no buyers of the Revo). And frankly, lack of interest on my part: after the initial high associated with Eric driving us around with his sister's car, it kinda went... meh.

Now the need for a new car has come up the radar again, this time bleeping itself as really urgent and important: we were able to finally sell the old one. Yep, after a year. Yay.

(Of course, most of moolah mother was able to make out of the sale went to paying off bills and whatnot but hey, at least we have something as downpayment.)

Now the question of whether to buy brand new or used is increasingly becoming a hot topic -- especially with my brother-in-law, who happens to have (it seems) a lot of knowledge and connections with car dealers or something. *shrugs* Car language is foreign to me. Hehe.

What I do understand is that since this will be my car, I have to make the decision. Part of the decision-making process, of course, is allocating the budget and payment methods, which will span in the next 3-5 years. Again, this is something I'd rather not think about. Mostly because of selfish lifestyle-ish reasons (*gasp* will I start brown-bagging? que horror!), but also because of... well, let's just say I have to balance some books. Heh. And I should really do a cost-benefit analysis on this one ASAP.

Last month -- two months after we sold the old car -- we almost bought a used 2001 Corolla but mother vetoed against it because it looked... old. Of course, the selling price is cheap but mother says we can get a better deal. *shrugs* Did I mention car language is foreign to me?

I still want a Volvo C30 just because it looks cute. Or those kickass mini hatchbacks. Like the Mazda 3. Although BIL #2 insists that since this will be my first car, we should stick with the alware reliable and durable Toyota. And they don't have hatchbacks, unless you count Yaris, which is too short for me. Have they updated the latest version? Maybe it's a lot roomier now.

A second-hand Vios will also do... Just because I associate Britney with that. LOL!

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