Monday, December 29, 2008

red flags

I almost got mugged today. *shudder* WTF, the holidays do bring out the worst in some people.

So apparently there's a new mandurukot/holdupper MO targeting commuters -- one that employs scare/shame tactics similar to the Fake AVs our tech gurus have seen in the past couple of months this year (o di ba i-connect talaga sa cybercrime). Is it new, BTW? *shrugs* The last MO I know was them dropping coins all over the place and asking their target to help look for their money. Yun, na-tanga ako dun. Shet.

Here's the MO: they claim that someone spat/barfed at you in the back (or they point out that the place you sat on has barf/spit on it). So you will get all prissy and OMG and fuss about the back of your shirt/bag/whatever. Or they offer to clean up the mess in the said shirt/bag/whatever. Ugh. Yup, their attempt to bank on one's embarrassment and distraction on the... "incident" at that given moment, even though if one thinks about it after the fact, such display of concern is... disconcerting? Pathetic? Plastic? Anyway, if you choose to ignore them or act nonchalant/apathetic about the "incident" despite their warnings, they claim the stuff stinks. Complete with gagging sound effects. Taray ng mga bruskong itey, ang se-sensitive!

*sigh* I'm ranting. And I can't help it, I'm annoyed pissed off. One because I was their intended target, and I'm not sure why. Too nelly? Too easy? I'd like to think that I look rich. HAHAHAHA!

Also, I'm annoyed pissed off at myself for somewhat ignoring several red flags, when I could've stopped it sooner, rather than (somewhat) playing along. I let the guy wipe the supposed shit off my shirt for heaven's sake (although that raised another red flag -- the way he "wipes" parang lalong kumakalat yung chorva). Then again maybe not -- the group was persistent (like I said, complete with sound effects). If I hadn't threatened to get off the jeepney (thereby making quite a scene) they would've probably persisted -- or worse. Then again again, that move could've resulted in something worse, too. Shet. Kakaloka.

This is all that dratted PRP's fault. I shouldn't have gone to the office today. LOL.

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