Sunday, December 21, 2008

all in

That was the theme of the company's Las Vegas-inspired Christmas party last night. And it pretty much summed up practically everything that happened to me personally during the said event.

Starting with dragging it up. LOL! I mentioned before that Madonna was right in asking if I know what it feels like for a girl. As I write this nursing my feet that were sore from a one-size-smaller, three-inch high heels, going girly is definitely not my cup of tea (pa-nelly na lang). I'll just stick with the liking-men part, thank you very much. Once in a lifetime is enough.

(Speaking of, I'd like to think that I gave Celine Dion some justice in impersonating her, despite the obvious lack of facial similarities between her and me. *shrugs* Some people claim they did not recognize me under all that makeup. Which is good, as it was the intended effect. Hehe! Gumanda daw ako -- parang sinabing ang panget ko in real life. HAHAHA!)

It was a good thing we won first place in the department presentations (tied with Corporate Support), which made my efforts -- physical, psychological, financial -- double worth it. :) And the rest of the group's efforts as well of course -- what with the last-minute incidents that included (but not limited to) excessive fatigue and physical injury (get well soon Ryuji). Our department representatives for the Mr. and Ms. Trend also won, BTW. W00t! Galing kasi ng coach nila. *ehem* :-P

Two other items that sweetened the pot: me getting noticed by (or should I say me flirting with?) several of my (F)OCs -- and then some *ehem*, and me winning the company raffle twice. Of course I have to give up the rice cooker for the (I assume) higher-value prize, according to the rules. But still. ;-)

Celine Dion was my lucky charm. Now, where can I get a copy of the performance video and some pics?

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