Friday, December 19, 2008

christmas is all around

One thing I hate about Christmas shopping is that I end up buying things for myself, rather than for those on my list. Yesterday I ended up buying two books (hardcover) for me to read God-knows-when (because I still have a couple of unread ones in my bookshelf) when all I set out to do was buy that Dangerous Book for Boys for my nephew (and his father).

So know my credit card's about to reach its limit and I've yet to buy presents for mother, sister #1, and BIL #2. Plus the requisite Secret Santa gift for the team Christmas party on Monday. *sigh* Blame it on that 50 best gay books list. Somehow random titles pop in my head every time I go to a bookstore. (I've yet to find a decent and cheap copy of Chabon's Kavalier and Clay, and Acito's ...College, BTW). To think the next pay day is still a week away.

Speaking of the Christmas party, I guess that's another reason for the sudden fund shortage -- costumes and accessories... those stuff. BTW, several things I realized whilst practicing my ass off these past weeks:
  1. Makeup really does wonders
  2. Madonna was right to ask if I know what it feels like for a girl
  3. Sasha Fierce is definitely... fierce
Anti-Malware FTFW! Para ma-reimburse ang investments! LOL!

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