Monday, June 02, 2008

sissies in the city

(I would've used "'third sex' in the city" as a wittier title, but the gay lib books I pored over duing college say that the term is sexist -- men as the first sex, women second, LGBT third -- so... *shrugs* Of course, some would argue that "sissies" would be stereotyping homos as flamboyant nelly queens. So sue me. "Straight-acting in the city" doesn't have a nice ring to it anyway.)

As I told Jake, "ati-atihan festival itow." I was referring to the opening night of SATC last Wednesday, when throngs of ates -- literally and figuratively -- marched to the cinemas, only to be (slightly) disappointed by several cuts on scenes that matter most: sex and the character Dante (Gilles Marini; damn you, MTRCB). It's like Brokeback Mountain all over again. Or Puerto Galera during Holy Week. Or Mariah's Manila concert back in 2003. "Mamamatay ang buong sangkabadingan kung may nagbomba dun".

The "festival" continued Friday, when my four-day sleep-a-thon was gladly interrupted by a night out with friends. One of whom brought along his hubby, the hubby's friend, and the hubby's friend's hubby. *rolls eyes* Rub it in the single people's faces why don't you? Hehe! Whatever... I'm just a wee bit Bitter Ocampo. ;) Because they all look nauseatingly cute together. And yes, very much in love. *sighs*

(Sidenote: for such an uber-gay place, there sure were a lot of butch people that night. Oh wait, that's because it's a perfect cruising spot.)

So, in Carrie Bradshaw tradition of asking annoyingly rhetorical questions, I can't help but wonder (again): in a city so flamboyant, why are those whose flames burn the brightest the ones out of place?

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