Tuesday, June 10, 2008

sissies in the city redux

So my "rhetorical question" apparently has answers. :) Kakaloka sa comments (no, not in here directly). Funny that it all started with a minute critique on a movie.

I actually had/have my sort-of own take -- or gripes, depending on my mood then -- on the said question-slash-rambling even before. Call it sweet-lemoning or sourgraping but despite my whining, I've already accepted the fact that I'm not that "marketable", compared to the butcher ones. "Hoping but not expecting", as one of the comments puts it, when it comes to love, sex, and relationships.

Admittedly, part of the "drama" comes from myself: I, too, am guilty in being attracted to the more masculine types. The fact that I also have the tendency to romaticize stuff -- I always like the idea of getting swept off my feet -- doesn't help either (talk about being too... pa-girl?). Then there're my usual hangups: my inability to make direct eye contact to strangers, my supposed antisocial/snobbish air... those defense mechanisms. *shrugs* Clearly I have issues. And I'm working on it.

But how can one work out his issues if he is being constantly told that there is indeed little hope for him (yes, the idea came from other people, not a product of self-deprication)? Or when he hears certain people and places that are waay choosy and discriminating it's already hypocritical (see: the term "straight-acting")? Or when he knows people who can't accept who they are, but are the ones getting the more action?

(The last item is probably the most noteworthy/controversial even for me. My bitchy and immature self is crying "unfair!" because I feel I deserve the loot better than them, what with me being in the frontlines of the battle for the rainbow flag. But like me, these people have issues to deal with. So I have to... deal with it as well.)

Okay, so my own answers are posing new sets of ramblings. *sigh* I'll shut up now (for now), and instead focus on introspection. The ideas that sprang forth were very insightful, after all.

* * *

Back to the movie: finally found the [uncensored] Dante clip from SATC (courtesy of OhlalaMag). Kaya naman pala na-cut... LOL!

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