Saturday, April 21, 2007

three years

I'm officially the second oldest technical writer in my department.

Not that it means that I'm the second oldest Trender in the Technical Writers team -- there are a couple of people in the team who have been at the company long before they joined the team, after all *ehem*. ^_^ Anyway, now that Let has decided to pursue other interests... *sigh* I feel I should really nominate myself now for Ulirang Manggagagawa Award. (Of course, Colleen will probably still be the runaway winner). Hehehe!

To think three years ago I was being trained by Colleen and Let, among others. Now I'm overseeing two relatively new people, and failing miserably at it. *sigh* Don't get me wrong, my two new shift mates are really great... I guess just I'm losing my touch, given last shift's failed noteworthy posting. I was the frigging "last-touch" person of that entry after all.

Last year I said that I still enjoy working here. Now? Er... there are times I when I wish I could just wallow in bed for a week. Or dance the excess weight off (I know I always say this, although with the weight I gained the past couple of months, I really should find the time). I don't like the daily schedule, and writing articles can be draining -- and at times scary (hello, YouTube). Sometimes it feels as if things spin out of control. And it... sucks.

Then again there are those moments when I can take a step back to look at my handiwork and realize that, hey, I am still doing a pretty good job! Hehe. Whenever my articles are mentioned again and again, or when our (relatively good) team stats are presented during departmental gatherings and we see the fruits of the projects/tasks I am handling... Aww.

It's not really a walk in the park, and yet so far I'm still walking.


dropsofjune said...

yup, "it's not really a walk in the park..." but the good thing is you're "still walking". lunch or dinner tayo nila eric ha? =)

Arbet said...

QA: sobra po ng "ga" yung manggagawa. =P