Monday, April 24, 2006

two years

I completely missed my second year anniversary. Two years (and now plus four days) ago, I started working as a technical writer and I completely missed it. *sigh* At least I didn't have to fuss about it and start, like, treating my co-workers and stuff. Hehe. How quickly time flies... or maybe it's just the fact that I still enjoy working here. As a call center agent fresh from college about three years ago, days start to drag even before I reached the sixth month.

I think Lei once told me that I hold the distinction of being the first gay man to ever get hired in my department -- and to which I [sarcastically] tell her: riiight. (Heler, I've gaydar-ed some people... they just don't know it yet. HAHAHA!) Anyway, so I guess, the more correct statement would be that I'm the first openly gay employee in a department full of geeky antivirus engineers whose idea of an elevator joke include file compressors. *rolls eyes* I mean, I was told that the likes of my soon-to-be-first-office-crush Gingerbread Man was really curious of finding out who I was. As in "pare may bading na daw sa AV!" curious.

To which I think: bakit kaya? Mmm. I'm suuuure.

Of course, during the first weeks I was trying hard to fly under the radar. Too bad the relay race during the company outing was a dead giveaway.

Now it's been two years and naturally the department is now saturated with Mariah-loving, Jeff Stryker-watching employees: at lest two per team. Hehe! Just ask a certain technical writer joined in the ranks a month after my arrival. *ehem* ^_^ Such a time also witnessed the comings and goings of colleagues and friends. The ups and the downs. The TV series in network shares. More office crushes. The controversies. The politics. *sigh*

And yet I'm still here.


celwinster said...

IM SHOOOORT talaga. pioneer ka pala jan. hahah

a.o.u.i.e. said...

hahaha...i loved the last 2 paragraphs...

and i distinctly remember this:
Too bad the relay race during the company outing was a dead giveaway.

oo nga. nabuko ka dun.

after 2 years...i can't imagine how i even thought, back in college, that you were just soft but not necessarily gay.