Sunday, January 07, 2007

bragging rights, part 2

It just reached a whole new level *gloats*. Here are a few snippets:
"The (sort of) good news is that no widespread outbreak has been reported yet," said Paul Oliveria of Trend Micro. "That doesn't mean that Skype users should just go ahead and click the links they receive while chatting, though."


"The difference is that this spyware already employs a more malicious routine (information theft), compared to the October worm that only spreads copies of itself to other users," said Oliveria.


"According to our AV Engineers, the few case submissions are partly because our products real-time scanning feature already detects and removes this spyware," said Oliveria. "Whether this is also an indication that Skype users are smart enough to NOT click the suspicious link, or that malware authors are simply testing the waters, I'm not sure.
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celwinster said...

yahoo! galeng naman oh. pang 40k na level to!!!bwahaha