Thursday, November 30, 2006

walk away, part 2

I guess I am not ready to move on.

Later this afternoon, I'll be calling the HR director of that multi-national company in Ortigas to thank her for the job offer. But no thanks.

I guess what really made me say no (again) was the fact that the said HR director was a bit... er, rude. Hehe. Perhaps it's because (or so she claims) that there are a lot of ex-Trenders currently employed in that company. That doesn't give her the right to be haughty, right?

She even showed me my [semi-] dismal psych exam scores and went on and on about defense mechanism and all that psycho-babble. This was before she actually offered the job, by the way. Maybe she thinks I should feel grateful I was even considered. Hm.

Okay, fine. I won't be working under her in the next two years I'm supposed to stay there (yes, there's a two-year contract). But should I still pursue the job, knowing there's a lot at stake for me?

Oh well, I wouldn't know now, would I? ^_^

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