Friday, November 17, 2006

staying put?

Pia's moving on. *sigh*

Makes me think if I should, too.

* * *
On the other hand, here's another reason to... er, stay put:

The MEDBOT Menace

Yes, I wrote the damn thing -- in just a day, as a matter of fact. ^_^ The one linked here is actually the edited, customer-friendly version. Hehe. Shame there's no place to put the byline, though.


a.o.u.i.e. said... ngayon ko lang nabasa to. no you can't move on like i did, at least not in the next couple of months. mwahahahaha...think about your conference in May [tama ba?]. *whistle*

oh, and btw...i am currently Trend-sick. i miss the damn shares.

PJ said...

aww. punta ka dito. we're making good use of your Cinema$ ^_^

a.o.u.i.e. said...

oo naman. babalik ko pa proxy/ID ko.