Saturday, April 22, 2006

pimp daddy

Attention all discreet/straight-acting gay/bisexual men: if you're intesrested in having a three-way, drop me a line! Pictures are a must, by the way. Especially head shots, though its up to you to decide which one.

Attention to the rest: you may now pick up your jaws which I'm pretty sure dropped to the ground for a second there. Hellooo. Wishful thinking for my part -- I haven't had a two-way yet for crying out loud. I'm just doing some advertising for my bi-slash-gay friend who IM-ed me the other night, asking if I know someone who might be interested. Talk about rubbing it in my face. How rude.

Just for that, in case there IS someone out there interested, here's another requirement: y'all must undergo my screening. Harhar. Hey, I'm pimping. Might as well whore it up, too.

* * *

Speaking of pimping: watch Grey's Anatomy. Among my other list of TV must-sees.

* * *

I've no idea what to do with those HIE stuff I was assigned to work on. And I promised I would have something by Sunday. Argh. Oh well, I'll just wing it and hopefully they will like it.

Haven't started with the HIE exercise. Tried to but failed. Hehe. I did finish entering the glossary items though. Yay.

* * *

Dreamt about Frodo Baggins last night. I wish it was a wet one, but unfortunately for me, I dreamt I saw some disturbing pictures of him and another male(?) co-worker (techwriter no less!) in a very compromising situation. *shudder* On the one hand, it was tittilating (save the techwriter part). Then again, it was also very bothering. You know, like rumors-about-my-FOC type bothering. *sigh* I guess I just miss him. Aww.

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