Thursday, January 12, 2006

house in the house

Dr. House is back! (Thanks Ina! Whee!)

Excuse me while I busy myself watching Season 2. Hehe. Ooh. And finally I get to watch Prison Break. And the latest seasons of CSI: NY and Las Vegas. ^_^

Speaking of new shows, Aidan Quinn stars in the US mid-season premiere of The Book of Daniel in the US -- a show about a pill-addicted priest with a dysfunctional family (he has a gay son, played by cutie Christian Campbell). Sorta like House in habit, I guess. Oh, and he talks to Jesus. Probably explains the recent brouhaha about the show. Hehe. Ooh. Shocking.


celwinster said...

happy new year!!! have u seen jarhead? or brokeback mountain ba un...

PJ said...

er... selwyn, two super opposite movies yun. hehe. they both star jake gyllenhaal, though. hehe.

anyhoo, haven't seen both flicks pa. opening sa wednesday yung jarhead. yung BBM naman i dunno when it'll be shown.