Wednesday, January 04, 2006

happy new year!

I know... it's been four days since New Year's. Hey, gimme a break I was working my ass off that night. (Or not, considering the entire shift just pigged out and played games... shame we didn't get drunk.) Happy new year to all just the same. ^_^

And look! New layout! AMAAAAAZING.

* * *

Started watching Ghost Whisperer during my shift tonight/early this morning. Found some .AVI files in some shared folder and decided to check out the pilot episode -- Jennifer Love Hewitt's leading man is David Conrad, after all. *swoon* Hehe.

Scared the shit out of me. Hehe. Partly becuase J. Love's acting IS scary (though in fairness, I think she might have improved a bit), and for the most part, the mythology/concept behind the show is scary in itself. Ghosts. Need I say more? And check out its official Web site at CBS. Brrr. Especially section there that discusses "the laughing man". Oh. My. God.

Good thing Wentworth Miller is the guest star in the pilot ep. *more swoon* ^_^ I love Wentworth. Reminds me that I really should go watch Prison Break.

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