Sunday, July 10, 2005

requiem for reed: part 2

Fantastic2I've already watched Fantastic Four twice since it opened on Wednesday -- much to my mum's chagrin (especially last Friday when I decided to go see it again with my college friends, despite the "political crisis" -- and I purposely put that in quotes as it seems to be happening constantly these days *rolls eyes*). And I'm actually thinking of a third helping. ^_^ Hey, the movie boasts three hotties, why not see it thrice, concentrating on one eye candy at every screening? Hehe.

Obviously, that's where my motives end, though -- well, mostly end. The movie, while being lighter and funnier than most superhero movies, lacks that... something that made Batman Begins and the Spider-Man movies (and yes, probably even X-Men 2) such a hit. Although Four's attempts at comedy provided a good twist, especially for a genre that's going a bit stale, it may have also resulted in sacrificing certain elements, which could have made it a better flick. Which is kinda sad, because the cast and the franchise are worthy of a better treatment.

That's not to say, of course, that this movie's a complete dud, which one can probably say to Marvel's recent flops like Elektra or The Punisher. There are memorable moments in the film, not to mention the cheesy banters and one-liners thrown in by the characters (kudos to Chris Evans) that one would be probably love, or love to hate. ^_^ I won't delve into the whole summarizing-the-plot thing. Hehe. Nevertheless, it is a feel-good superhero movie. For the die-hard fans, and for those looking for laughs (or at the cast -- yes, Jessica Alba still looks hot here, and Michael Chiklis is The Thing), it is definitely a must see.

* * *

Fantastic3Speaking of Fantastic Four, ContactMusic reports that Mr. Fantastic's (read: Ioan Gruffudd's) erm... fantastic *ehem*, had to be shrunk so that young movie-goers wouldn't be so alarmed with his... I guess endowment?

"I started out wearing a codpiece under the suit. Then memos started arriving from the studio that we needed to make it smaller and smaller until I was like Action Man."