Wednesday, June 29, 2005

requiem for reed

Two weeks before Fantastic Four hit theaters, I lost my phone.

I know it sounds non-sequitur, though unfortunately for me, my phone cover has the picture of Reed Richards aka Mr. Fantastic in it (played by yummy Ioan Gruffudd, who, along with Chris Evans and Julian McMahon, is the main reason I can't wait to see the movie). I had that cover made last April, ever since the first of the official wallpapers were uploaded in the movie site. *sigh* As I jokingly told my friend Melissa the day I lost the said mobile, that's probably the thing I may miss the most. ^_^ And the pictures and ringtones, too.

Meanwhile, I've to start rebuilding my phone contacts from scratch. That's about two years' worth of numbers I got from work, not to mention the ones I had since college. Urgh. Talk about bummer.