Saturday, June 09, 2012

bros and hos

Writing Challenge, Day 8

Macky and I had this weird conversation earlier this week, which is the basis of this part of Bryan's story. This is just the prologue though. I'm still trying to work in the main "topic" of the convo later.

* * *

"Ryan is such a dick," I whined to Perry the following morning over the phone.

"Well, you were being a dick for telling him in the first place," she replied matter-of-factly from the other end of the line.

"You weren't answering when I called you the first time, remember?" I shot back.

"Tseh! Don't put this on me Bryan. You told him and that's your karma. What did you expect him to do? This is Ryan we're talking about Bry. And I thought you knew him longer than I do."

I sighed. "I hate it when you have a point."

"I always have a point. That's what fag hags are for."

"Oh so you've resigned yourself as a fag hag now?"

"Whatever Bry."

"But what does it mean, though?" I asked.

"Maybe he still has feelings for you," she replied, again in her matter-of-fact voice. The word feelings caught me by surprise.

"Who? Allan?" I asked again, my heart suddenly beating fast against my chest/.

"No. Ryan."

"Oh," I replied, slightly disappointed. Then the name sank in. "Wait. What?"

"What 'what'?"

"How did Ryan get in the picture?"

"Aren't we talking about Ryan being a dick?" Perry asked, sounding annoyed.

"I was asking what my dream meant," I clarified.

I heard Perry blow a short sigh of frustration. "Jesus, Bryan! Stick to the subject at hand will you? Or at least inform me if we're switching subjects na!"

"Sorry," I apologized.


I rolled my eyes.

"You're rolling your eyes, aren't you?"

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