Sunday, June 10, 2012

bros and hos, part 2

Writing Challenge, Day 9

Continuation of yesterday's post. Now back to my Teen Wolf marathon. (Colton Haynes! #unf)

* * *

I rolled my eyes again.

"I can feel you rolling your eyes again, Bry," Perry warned.

"God, Perry, if you're such a psychic eh di sana you would've known I changed the subject," I retorted, annoyed.

"That's different."

"Whatever Per."

There was silence on the other end of the line, save for a muffled huff. Suddenly I felt a pang of guilt. She was trying to help me after all.

"Now who's rolling her eyes now?" I joked, hoping to ease the tension.

She laughed. And I joined in. We laughed for about a full minute before we calmed down.

"I'm sorry," I gasped in between hiccups. Hey, I admit it was my fault. Part of it, at least.

"Me too girl."

"Kiss and make up?" I asked. Perry made kissing noises in reply.

"Okay," she said afterwards. "Can we close the dream case now?"

"But what does it mean?" I repeated the question I asked earlier.

"Bry, face it. You're horny. That's the only explanation."

I sighed, crestfallen. "And here I was thinking there was more to that."

"Like how?"

"Like he likes me too. That I can persuade him to go... I dunno. Bisexual."

"I thought there's no such thing?" Perry retorted.

"Well I'm open for anything at this point."

"Then why not Ryan?" Perry asked again.

"What about him?" I asked again, even though I knew what she meant.

"You. Him. Kiss kiss. Bang-bang."

I laughed at her reply. "Ew. Ano ba Per! Ry and I are practically sisters noh. That's like incest, what you're suggesting."

"But isn't there this saying? Bros before hos?"

"Wow how butch," I said wryly. "But exactly my point Per. I'm putting him, my bro, first."

"That's not what I meant."

"Well clearly, you got the expression wrong."

"But," she started again, clearly not letting go of the topic despite the growing confusion in her voice. "Shouldn't your goal be making a ho out of a bro?"

It was my turn to get confused. "What?"

"How would you know whether or not Ryan and yourself can, you know? Work?"

I took a deep breath. "Per," I began. "You do know we tried, di ba? It just didn't work."

"Who decided that? That it 'didn't work?'"

The question made me stop and think. Sino nga ba?

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