Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Writing Challenge, Day 3

I had this story playing in my head for, like, forever. Let's see how long I can sustain this, since I initially thought of this as my first best-selling novel-turned-screenplay. :P

* * *

They said: write what you know. Here's what Bryan knows: he's gay and he's about to die.

Or so people said when a gay man's about to reach thirty. Well, at least the guys of Queer as Folk (US version) said so. And at seventeen and masturbating over Brian Kinney (he found that kinda kinky), Bryan believed that. So when he turned twenty-one, still single, and definitely still a virgin, he started to panic. Something needed to be done dammit!

"You should look for another job," Ryan, his best friend since sixth grade and erstwhile pseudo-boyfriend suggested one day over coffee at their favorite shop. "Computer engineering...eww," he mock shuddered. "Ang straight!."

Bryan, who just started working as a technical support engineer in one of the supposed prestigious contact centers in Makati, found it offensive.

"That is such a stereotypical thing to say," he said, taking a small sip of his iced macchiato. Saving his coffee until it becomes all watered-down was a habit he formed back in college, when students jockey for seats in Starbucks for a supposed "group study."

"Besides," Bryan continued, "I don't see myself doing tech support for, like, two years. I have a minor in English--I can transfer to... I dunno."

"Ayan! Now we're onto something!" Ryan said. "You should go to marketing. Or advertising!"


"No I was not! And so what if I do?" Ryan shrugged, taking his green tea frappuccino. "I'm a living gay stereotype you know."

"Why, because you're going for the M.D.?"

"Not to mention my double pre-med degree in physics and biology." Ryan reminded his friend. "See? I'm the epitome of every gay man's overachieving tendencies!" He proclaimed loudly, arms raised, his green tea sloshing dangerously. People nearby turned to look.

Bryan laughed. "So is law," he countered, playing along.

"And that's why I'm currently dating one" Ryan replied, serious.

"Just admit it," Bryan tried a different tactic. "You're pursuing medicine because you want to do free prostate exams."

"Now look who's stereotyping?" Ryan raised his left eyebrow. "Besides," he continued. lips over the straw of his tea. "I'm planning to charge my would-be patients for those my exams."

"Spoken like a true bourgeoisie," Bryan nodded in mock agreement. He liked that word. It was one of the few words he remembered from his French 101.

"Anyway, we digress--" Ryan started.

"Digress talaga!"


"How lalim naman the English!"

"Ba't nga ba tayo English ng English?"

"'Ba malay ko."

"Practicing your neutralized Ameri-keyn egg-zent?"


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