Sunday, August 21, 2011


Writing Challenge, Day 2.

Fingers crossed that I can last thirty days. Hehe. Anyhoo, given the weeks ahead I could probably use some therapy.

Today I tried doing some of the writing exercises one of the lit/creative writing professors back in college used to give. You know, set a limit or a theme, then feel free to write something out of it (I say "one of the lit professors" because he never actually became my professor--I wasn't accepted for his summer program back in junior year. Boo!).

* * *

"Happy Birthday!"

The cheers that erupted from the other side of the room snapped her out of her trance. Where was she again? She scanned the restaurant from the corner booth she was sitting at. She's in an Italian restaurant, she decided, based on the reds and greens that decorated the place. Dark wood panels scream fine dining, but the huge windows and the colorful pictures on the walls seem to suggest that it also pretends to be a family-friendly lunch place.

And it's midday, possibly one in the afternoon, she thought, judging from how the sun's rays streaming from the big window to her left angled slightly. She gave a wary smile in spite of herself. As if she knows anything about sun's angles. What is she, a human sundial? All she knew is that she doesn't want the light get her. It's not just the heat, it's everything.

The family on the other side of the room started singing the birthday song, and they were joined by the small group of waiters and waitresses, one waiter holding a small cup of vanilla ice cream with a pink candle on top. On any other day she would've rolled her eyes. But not today. Forcing herself to look away from the celebration, she took a deep breath and glanced down to the untouched club sandwich she ordered about half an hour ago. She knew she had to eat; there are so much things to do, so many arrangements to be made. She lifted her hands and she remembered why her appetite was not there with her.

She dropped her hands and closed her eyes. Feel, she willed herself.

But feelings haven't sunk in yet. She was stuck, just like the band on her right ring finger.

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