Monday, August 02, 2010

when i grow up

Almost two freakin' months since I last blogged! Yeesh. I totally missed my traditional work anniversary and birthday posts. I'd like to blame it on Twitter and my new role in research because they limit my grammar and spelling skills to bullet points and/or 140 characters, but actually I've just been too darn lazy to write. So much for one of my lifelong dreams of being a bestselling author living off royalties and having my own coffee shop/bookstore/porn empire. *rolls eyes* Heck, even my draft last year did not progress.

That's not to say that I did not progress in other aspects in my life, though (although admittedly, still flailing over Kris Allen may have slowed the so-called growth down a bit). We finally moved to a new office building, for one, so new adventures galore (like getting stuck for 4 hours in traffic). And I think I'm getting the hang of the art of socializing more, thanks to several parties I attended, and the dinners with friends I did not skip (albeit sometimes grudgingly). I'm still apathetic towards my health though, which made me stop short earlier to ponder whether or not I have suicidal tendencies, if I'm this close to killing myself with boxes of pizza I can finish all by myself. Hm.

Miray told me once that I'm hedonistic that way -- one who wants to achieve pleasure for pleasure's sake. Part of me likes it, but part of me also worries of the possible ramifications of this... trait.

I've officially entered the late-twenties, and most of the people I know are already married by then, or at least have a slightly stable relationship. I'm still happy being single, but on the darker days, the nagging feeling of -- whatever it is -- suddenly comes up. Maybe that explains why some people get depressed, especially on their birthdays. And for the first time, I did experience that. Somewhat.

Add the fact that I still haven't met my targets I set at the beginning of the year. *sigh*

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