Tuesday, June 09, 2009

no boundaries (aka, life lessons from kris allen)

I'm still undergoing American Idol withdrawal. It's one of the main reasons I've yet to watch the House finale. Or the other TV shows for that matter.

(Of course, the other reason was I started playing Rock Band Unplugged on PSP but that's another story).

Come to think of it, this is more than a withdrawal. This is already fanboism to the highest level (read: stalker tendencies). It's like I'm reliving my boyband days during high school and college -- and yes, I admit until a couple of years ago when Westlife were here. I bought three magazines that had articles about him for crying out loud. I hadn't done that since Smash Hits featured Blue on the cover.

But hey, it doesn't help when your favorite contestant won (yay!), especially if the said contestant is hot, can sing well, has mad song arrangement skills, and was/is an underdog for the most part of the season that you become emotionally invested, just so that you can give the "TPTB" (as the rest of the Idolsphere terms it) the metaphorical finger for shoving the "TCOs" (the chosen ones) down our throats.

O di ba? Spoken like an Idol voter. LOL! Not that I can vote to begin with. :P But like I mentioned before, I haven't been this invested since Elliott Yamin. And Elliott only made it to third place. Kris winning is the culmination of my dark-horse-slash-underdog(ish)... thing.

Say what you want about his supposed lack of vocal prowess or "boring" personality. Or how Adam Lambert was robbed/should have won (despite the fact that they don't effin' care -- they said so themselves). For me (for you), I'll go celebrate not only the fact that Kris did win that (sometimes) stupid show but also the fact that watching him reinforced some of life's (o ha!) important lessons, such as:
  • Knowing one's strengths and playing with it
  • Reaching a wider fan-base
  • Keeping your cool
  • Being true to one's self even when others are throwing you under the bus
  • Accepting diversity
Of course, the selfish in me still wants him to be really successful and sell millions of albums. So he can do a worldwide tour, visit Manila, and allow me to have a picture with him. *swoon*

Excuse me while I watch his recent appearance in the NBA finals, singing the national anthem.

(Image courtesy of kris-pics.net)

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