Monday, June 01, 2009

knocks me off my feet: may sweeps

I almost didn't realize an entire month has passed up until last week, when Kris Allen (pictured, with Adam Lambert) was crowned the latest American Idol (yay!). That, along with the back-to-back season finales of all the US TV shows I was keeping tabs on, means May Sweeps. Now, unless one also follows Summer TV season -- which I don't...usually -- it means three to four months of TV void. Which is bad/sad on the one hand, but also a good thing since I can catch up with my reading. And work (heh!). That is, until I get the urge to re-watch the kick-awesome (I still hate that term but Kris Allen said it so there) AI season, or the episodes of Fringe or CSI I missed for the past couple of months.

(Or re-watching all eight seasons of Will & Grace, given the recent buzz about it in the office. Mag-reminisce ba ng high school/college days? If only I can remember where I put all the transcripts of each episode that I collected all throughout high school and college. Just to show off. Hehe!)

The thing about May Sweeps is that some people (myself included) do get swept away with all the brouhaha and all these exciting things that happen on the small screen. And when it's all over it's like...whaaa?. It doesn't help that in my case the "excitement and drama" (and some boring parts) also happened in real life -- post-Australia trip workload, sister #2 giving birth 3 months earlier that expected, a colleague deciding to leave the company due to several factors, a new task for the team that have and will change some of the goals set earlier this year... *sigh*

And the dust has yet to settle.

I was also reminded of the fact that I haven't had a real vacation for the entire summer. Okay, so for most part it was my own decision not to join invitations by Miray and company (ayokong gumastos), and no, I do not consider the overseas trip to be a vacation despite the several days off. Nor the one-day summer outing, which extended to a trip to Anawangin -- that involved a bit of work as one of the only ones left sober (Anawangin's nice BTW).

Maybe the lack of "me" time is taking its toll. And by "me" time I mean something as simple as hermit-ing myself on my bedroom. I can live for days there with TV and chips for crying out loud. I need something to dumb me down a bit. Or at the very least put my mind on sleep mode. (Ooh. Sleep! Need that one as well.)

At least I have until the end of June to expend all my excess leaves from last year. Now how to schedule that with the rest of the team thinking the same thing is yet another thing to worry about.

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