Thursday, February 19, 2009

can we still be friends?

Quick follow-up on my previous post regarding the (ex)best friend: I took the advice of Tin and sought him out on Friendster. As suggested, I intended to PM him first, but I ended up adding him as my friend right there and then. Dude didn't have any security settings in place, which could've prevented unwanted friend requests.

Of course, this might have caused some concern on his part because a couple of days later he messaged with the subject line "who u??"

To make the long story short, I apologized for adding him in the first place (with some lame excuse about me trying to cancel the invite in the last minute). *sigh* Clearly he doesn't remember me. Or maybe he just doesn't want to.

It's a missed opportunity but you know what, it's his loss (yeah this is me sorta sourgraping...hehe). Although admittedly, he wouldn't have crossed my mind either hadn't I chanced upon his (actually his sister's) profile. Oh well, pasalamat na lang ako wala pa kong memory gap. :P

Besides, I may not have a straight best friend at the mo', but I still have my sisters. *ehem* Go mga teh!. Hehe. And trying to make friends with others too. Which reminds me of that party I attended to a couple of weeks ago. May kiss pang involved! HAHAHAHA!

(P.S.: Whilst hanging with said [old/new] friends, I realized I'm not so bitter when it comes to relationships anymore. How's that for embracing single-hood despite the recent Valentine's day? Mm. I must be getting really old. That or listening to Beyonce's song must have finally twisted my psyche.)


Tsinitoboy said...

hmmmm... dapat di ka kaagad na nasiraan ng loob nang itanong nya ang "who u?". Instead of apologizing you should have "re-introduced" yourself to him. Malay natin baka di ka lang nya na-recognize sa profile pic mo sa friendster. Pero, if he still insisted na he doesn't know you despite the obvious mutual connection which is his sister nga, it's his lost talaga. Although, with proper introduction he will be obliged to be cordial and might as well reminisce the past with you.

PJ said...

hey, thanks for the reply tsinitoboy. :) good point too. i did (vaguely) re-intro myself to him as someone who used to go to school with him. something along the lines of "saw your profile via my siter's -- we used to be classmates at so-and-so..." hehe.

anyhoo, haven't received any reply (yet). the ball's in his court now. though come to think of it, baka naovershadow ng apologies ang explanation so... ewan na lang. ;)