Thursday, October 09, 2008

bragging rights, part 3

It's one thing to have your writing posted in the corporate blog or quoted in a company-sponsored material. It's another if you get quoted in a local broadsheet (last year), and -- even better and more recently -- in a foreign online magazine. Twice.

*big grin*

So apparently sa UK mabenta ang beauty ko. HAHAHAHA! Thank you EMEA PR team. *hugs*

(And yes, I was Googling myself when I uncovered these. I've the tendency to be that narcissistic.)


B. said...

hey peej. love the blog. when are you gonna post some commentaries on some of belami's latest releases? ;-)

PJ said...

hahaha! probably not in the near future... most of my "analysis" were already posted eh (see: porn-ucopia series).

unless may new "research materials" ka na pwede kong kunan ng inspiration? ;P