Friday, August 29, 2008

virtual insanity, part 2

I blame Macky on this one for getting my hopes up. :P Ching!

Here's the story: Macky lost her phone in Vegas during, ironically, a talk on mobile security (yes, I still can't get over the irony of it, despite the story being told over and over again). So, duh, now she needs a new phone. It so happens that she is a loyal Globe customer and upon checking with customer service, she found out that she can avail of a new kickass phone for free.

Or she can get that blasted Jesus phone at a discounted price -- at 20k was it (compared to the 30++ one for 8GB)? So, she asked me if I would consider buying/paying the shellout for the iPhone myself, knowing that I was deliberating about getting one a couple of weeks ago.

But... *sigh* she changed her mind. Hmph. I guess part of the reason was that she got the message regarding the cash shellout wrong? Hehe. She thought that if I pay her the 20k, and she just use, say, 3k to buy a cheap phone, she'll still have 17k cash. *snigger*

As Jake said, "Estafa case ito." Go figure.

Anyway, that's not the whole point of this entry (sorry Macky for dragging you into this... *mwah*). The rewards idea didn't cross my mind at all till this incident so I thought maybe I am qualified for a discount too. I didn't get a rebate last year after all... Hehe.

Turns out that I do get a discount. The thing is, the discount is still more expensive that just, oh, terminating the frigging existing contract and apply for a new one?

Ridiculous. (But now I'm tempted again.)

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