Tuesday, May 22, 2007

interop conference, day 3

Today's the start of the expo and conferences. So to kick things off the CEO of Cisco gave the first keynote speech in the morning, followed by the General Manager of IBM Internet Security Systems and Dave DeWalt, CEO of McAfee after lunch. Since this is, after all, the Interop Conference, most of the stuff they talked about focused on... well... interoperability. Hehe. You know, unified communcations, service-oriented achitecture... The message is, from what I get, that we as an industry should work together to fight the bad guys. Riiiight.

Jake and I attended the security track of the conferences. He found them useless, and I can't blame him. They are the stuff that we've known for some time now: Web threats, end-users as targets, the need for reputation thingies and in-the-cloud stuff. Still, finding out that the industry and other enterprises are also concerned about such things and are making their own strategies was interesting for me.

Ooh. For lunch: salad, grilled chicken and mashed potatoes, and strawberry shortcake. Hehe.

The string of conferences took most of our day, so we missed the expo booth crawl -- where people go from exhibit booth to exhibit booth and get free stuff in the end (we saw one walking away with an xBox 360. WAAAH!). Hehe. We didn't want to miss the Interop Party though, so we joined the crowd on the way to Rum Jungle, a bar in Mandalay Bay that has... girls in neon bikinis dancing in cages and somersaulting in zip lines. Whopee. Anyhoo, we got to mingle with some people, though after one drink (I got myself a margarita, a sort of an unfortunate choice considering I just lots of tequila during the summer outing... *shudder*) and making a dinner out of the finger food there, we went back to the hotel.

Jake decided to work on some office stuff so he didn't come out of his room again. I, on the other hand, decided to kill some time before the American Idol finale by taking another stroll down The Strip. This time, I stopped by Ceasar's Palace, hoping to buy tickets to Celine Dion. Thursday's show was sold out though. *sigh* Guess I better convince Judy to come with me on Friday... if tickets are still available by then *fingers crossed*. Or I could just go and see Mamma Mia... Hm...

Jordin will probably win AI. Crap.

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