Monday, May 21, 2007

interop conference, day 2

Today we decided to attend the Web Application Security workshop, which was again conducted by Mandiant. And again, one of the instructors is hot in his geeky bespectacled way. Hehe. What is it with this company? The session was a bit boring compared to yesterday's (and to think I was already bored yesterday) and I think it focused more on security in terms of application development, but in fairness I was able to appreciate some of the concepts I almost always encounter at work but not really fully understanding them (e.g., XSS, SQL injection, all that jazz...). The case studies helped. So did the live demos that unfortunately took a lot of time to set up due to crappy Internet connection.

Lunch: soup, roast beef/steak(?) with peppercorn glaze, and chocolate cake. Yum. Free food are always delicious. Hehe. Did I already mention that there's also free coffee and pastries at the conference lounge? We didn't take advantage of yesterday cos we thought it's not free. Hehe. For PM snacks we had COOKIE as big as a saucer and softdrinks. I wonder if the lunches and snacks will still continue tomorrow, once a LOT more people started showing up?

By the way, the company credit card got through, so we got our (or my) deposit money back. Yay! Jake and I continued our trek down The Strip, eating dinner at a Filipino fastfood called Kapitbahay, located in the Hawaiian Marketplace. The trip was cut short though (again), because we got sidetracked into going to the Miracle Mile Shops inside Planet Hollywood hotel. And apparently it is a Mile Long. Hehe. By the time we exited we're near the Bellagio and the fountain show has started. So of course we have to see that. Very nice!

By 8:45 in the evening we were racing back to the hotel in time to see the Heroes season finale, which is... okay. *shrugs* I guess I need to see it again to fully appreciate it.

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