Friday, February 16, 2007

waiting to exhale

Okay, practically a month has passed since I last posted (some pics, which is not really blogging, is it?). Good thing I just found myself bored and "nothing" to do *wink wink* at work today. Hehe.

Seriously, I think this is the first time in weeks where I find myself taking a breather. Of course, there are still lots of things to do (gotta evaluate team members, do a 360-feedback, ISO-format some documents...the list goes on), I'm just choosing not to do them now. Hehe. Blame it on lack of sleep. Or maybe it's because it's mum's birthday -- not that it should have a direct effect on me.

In fairness, I was able to accomplish some stuff today. And at my own pace. Which refreshing compared to my now-normal routine of chasing deadlines: proofreads, interviews, revisions, and that effing Web threats article... *sigh* I wonder how Eric manages to do them all[most]. Then again, he is really anal about stuff (pun intended). ^_^ Oh, and he's away on a business/personal trip. I hope he bought me porn.

Anyhoo, just a quick recap on some of the [semi] interesting recent events and stuff:
  • Some of my Christmas wishes came true, thanks to credit cards. LOL! Not the boyfriend part, unfortunately. ^_^ Bought myself an external HDD and a portable media player though ('di na iPod, Zen na lang).
  • Which brings us to the mentioned cards. Yep, finally did it cos apparently I need one when applying for a US Visa. Hehe. Riiight.
  • I finally got a broadband connection at home, too. The company's paying for it, in return for my "0n-call" services, in case something immediate comes up at work. It also practically forces me to stay in the company for another year lest I shoulder the pay. Hmm. Then again, with the recent SRP... ^_^
  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows comes out July 21st. Naturally I shelled out P500 for early reservation. Atat eh. Hehe.
  • Oh, I also attended the latest AV Camp last week, which is basically team building. Hehe. In fairness, I did like the Wealth Management seminar. Got me thinking that I should really start saving/investing money.
Over the next few weeks, the fun begins again. WAAAAH! Wish me luck. Maybe I should get started with that other PowerPoint presentation already.

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