Monday, August 28, 2006

the adventures of a week off

  1. Finally applied for an SSS ID. I was planning on getting one since, like forever, but never had the time or energy to do so. I guess an article I read in the paper about plans regarding a national ID (again) made me do it. Hehe.

    I finished in less than an hour, which is cool for a government office. And I got the chance to snap at people who attempted to cut in front of me at a queue.

  2. Spent almost 48 hours doing a Gilmore Girls marathon. I finally got ahold of all six seasons on [pirated] DVD. I only had the first two and was having trouble finding the individual boxed sets of the rest. Good thing China (or Taiwan, wherever these DVDs were imported/smuggled from) invented these "compressed" versions, wherein an entire 22-episode season is contained on only one disc. I found the idea totally cool, although of course, lossy image quality and possible shorter shelf life is to be expected -- not to mention the fact that most episodes are ripped from TV.

    Finding Gilmore Girls meant that my originally scheduled Doogie Howser marathon was bumped at a later time. Besides, I don't think I can marathon Doogie. I tried watching the first disc and I only lasted 4 episodes (read: 2 hours, or two Gilmore episodes). Maybe a nostalgia thing is going on. Hehe. I have to go at a much slower pace and see if remember scene on TV practically 20 years ago. After all, watched the show when I was... six?

    Oh. Mitchell Anderson's hot. But not as hot as Milo Ventimiglia. *swoon* Well, at least in the earlier seasons. On season 4 I'm all for Wayne Wilcox. Hehe!

  3. Did a full test-run for my Walkman phone. I mean, I do use my phone as a Walkman, but not really on public transportation or public places. Got the idea a couple of weeks back from some punk-assed Chinoy-looking rich kid who was listening to his iPod on a jeepney I rode in on my way to work. I say punk-assed because he was listening to pathetic sounding Cueshe-type songs. Is Cueshe punk in the first place? Not that I care... I just remembered the old punk vs. metal war among my classmates in sixth grade, is all. Hee!

    And yeah, I was able to tell what type of songs the kid listens to because he was fucking singing along with it. Loudly. complete with the head-bopping and the fucking guitar-chord mimicry: "Graaa! Sunshine all the waaaay... Teng tenuneng nung teng!" Makes me wanna grab that iPod of his (I want one for myself after all). Or let someone else grab it. Dude, potential hold-up material man. Shove it up your ass. I don't wanna get mugged while riding on a jeepney with you.

    Anyway, because it seems that iPod guy can get away with it without actually getting murdered, I decided to try listening to music myself. Of course, I didn't sing loudly (I normally don't anyway) and didn't display my phone for all the world to see (it wasn't worth displaying in the first place -- mine's the cheapest of the Walkman phone lot). Was able to do a successful back-to-back trip. ^_^ Then again, I was riding an FX taxi. HAHAHAHAHA!

  4. Almost went to a Ayo's send-off party. Or in the words of Adrian, despedida de puta. I was coordinating with Selwyn about the thing since last month, I think. We both thought it was on the 25th. Turns out it was on the 26th. Ugh. I was already in Makati set to meet Selwyn when we both realized the mistake. *sigh* There goes my opportunity to mingle with other potenatially single gay men. HAHAHAHA! Still tried to go to the party the night after but something came up. Plus I was doing the marathon. Anyhoo... the best of luck to Ayo. Bon voyage, mare!

  5. Saw a guy [almost] get beaten to death. Or at least, that what it looked like. This was yesterday on my way to work after the 4-day vacation. I was in an FX taxi when we passed by the ruckus on the opposite lane. Bunch of guys ganging up against a felled fellow. One of them even had this huge dos-per-dos piece of wood. I didn't see him hit the one on the ground with that, though I could only imagine what would happen if that club hit his head. I've watched too many medical dramas to do a diagnosis myself.

    As usual, there were kibitzers all around: people in the sidewalks, people in cars who even slowed down to take a good look. I'm not sure if there was anyone attempting to break up the fight though. Then again, there WAS the club. *shudder*

    A perfect picture of apathy: on the car nearest to the scene, a girl was eating a slice of watermelon.

* * *

A little birdie confirmed: word is OUT about first-office-crush (FOC) apparently (in every sense of the word). *shrugs* Not much I can do about it now, considering he's already thousands of miles away and probably already getting off with someone (yes, bastard's in a relationship). Oh well, I don't think I would have the courage to admit my feelings for him anyway. Was there any in the first place? Or was I just thrilled with the possibility before?

Maybe I just have to wait for an [instant] message and see if the warm and fuzzies happen again?

Probably won't happen.

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celwinster said...

im really sorry about marlon's party. pareho tayo lost. lolz...

panahon na para magbunyag!!!